** Thank you for your interest! Handcrafted Movement is fully booked with projects through 2017. We sincerely apologize in advance if we do not return your message as we have been inundated and overwhelmed with inquiries. ** 


Q. Where are you located?      A. The beautiful Pacific Northwest near Portland, Oregon.

Q. Do you sell Tiny Home plans?      A. We do not currently sell traditional plans or blueprints as we simply start each home with a general concept to allow for full creative freedom as the build progresses thus the only "plans" are what we visualize in our minds eye. 

Q. How much do your Tiny Homes cost?      A. As a small team of craftsman striving towards producing quality over quantity we use only the best materials and spend hundreds of hours handcrafting a small number of tiny homes per year. Our homes range from $70,000 to $95,000.

Q. Are you taking custom orders?     A. At this time we are unable to take on custom orders. A total of 7 tiny homes will be created and listed for sale in 2017.  The next 2 homes are 28' long with a master on the main living level. They are expected to be listed for sale in May 2017. 

Q. Do you offer site visits?     A. We are honored by your interest and look forward to having more time and space in the future to accommodate requests but at this time we are unable to offer site visits. If we granted every request we would have very little time to do any actual work. 

Q. Do you provide in house financing?     A. At this time we do not

Q. What kind of vehicle would I need to pull a tiny home?     A. That would depend on the size and model which would determine the total weight but a 1 ton truck is recommended.

Thank you! 

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