28' Tiny Home Blueprints & Sketchup files

28' Tiny Home Blueprints & Sketchup files

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This is a plan for a tiny home on wheels. A version of this plan was built in the summer of 2018 for a family in Portland, Oregon, which can be viewed HERE. The pictures of the completed model are slightly different than this standard layout. The main differences between the pictures and the 3d file are the kitchen window, entry door, couch and the size of the downstairs bedroom.

Overall this 28’ plan is very similar in layout and structurally to our other 28’ tiny home creations so you could adapt and mix this layout and aesthetics to create your perfect dream tiny home!

What the PDF Plans Include:

  • Plans for a 28’ long house, 8.5’ wide, with eaves that extend to 9′.

  • Interior and exterior elevation drawings for all sides

  • Detailed trailer connection instructions

  • Wall framing elevations

  • Roof framing plans

  • Cross sections of the wall, roof and floor

  • Structural fastener details

  • Window and door schedule

  • Suggested floor plan with appliance placement suggestions, loft placements, full kitchen, space for laundry machines, a bar seating area with counter.

  • An energy efficient design

These plans do not include electrical diagrams or plumbing diagrams. These plans are a license to build one house, and contain all of the essential nuts and bolts to get you a solid, energy-efficient tiny home that is completely customizable to your tastes.

What the PDF Plans + Editable SketchUp Model Includes:

All of the above, as well as a thoughtfully created, fully editable SketchUp model of the Malibu created by Handcrafted Movement.

New to SketchUp? The Tiny Nest SketchUp Tutorial, available from TinyNestProject.com, is the ideal companion to this model for new SketchUp users. Jake from Tiny Nest is a great communicator and skilled SketchUp practitioner, and his tutorial teaches you to use the program and model just like he does.

Weight and Trailer Recommendations

When choosing a trailer for the 28’ Royal Pioneer, Handcrafted Movement recommends Iron Eagle Trailers.

Returns and Conditions of Sale

The Plans will be delivered as a digital PDF via download and NOT a hard copy. Purchase includes permission to build ONE structure based on Handcrafted Movement tiny house design. These Plans are not for Commercial Use. Due to the nature of this as-is digital product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL and there will be no returns or refunds. We offer quality products at a great price, and we think you’ll be happy with them. If you have specific questions or concerns about a product before purchasing, just contact us and we’ll do our best to answer so you know exactly what you’re getting. View the Additional Info tab for the complete terms and conditions of this plan set.

Please read the full End User Agreement HERE before purchasing.

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Terms and Conditions for Handcrafted Movement LLC Tiny House Plans

By purchasing these plans, you understand and agree to the following:

This design and plan is intended only for competent and knowledgeable builders. These plans assume general knowledge and skills, including but not limited to roofing, electrical, plumbing, and framing. These plans have not been approved by an architect or an engineer. If you are not an experienced builder, we recommend consulting with a licensed contractor prior to attempting to build a house from these plans. Contact your local building code officials to ensure you comply with local codes.

Any person or entity (hereinafter, “Builder”) engaging in the construction of a tiny house using the design of Handcrafted Movement LLC assumes the entire responsibility and liability for and agrees to hold Handcrafted Movement LLC harmless from any and all damage or injury of any kind or nature whatsoever to all persons, whether employees of Builder or otherwise, and to all property (including loss of use of such property) caused by, resulting from, arising out of, or occurring in connection with construction related to or based upon the construction design, plan, instructions, or other communication.



All text and designs (“plan material”) in Handcrafted Movement LLC’s publications are copyright protected. Such material is intended to be used by individuals to construct a single tiny house. To build more than one house from this set of plans, you must purchase a new plan set for each subsequent home built.

If you are a professional tiny house builder, please contact us to inquire about Builder’s Volume Licensing for this tiny house plan set.

Intellectual Property

Handcrafted Movement LLC retain all rights to the intellectual property of the plan material. No rights in the intellectual property are transferred to the purchaser. Purchaser shall not remove any copyright or proprietary notices in or on the plan material.


Handcrafted Movement LLC designs are copyrighted. Any media coverage containing photos, plans, depictions, in-process projects or finished homes shared on social media, print, news, blogs, broadcast, etc, shall be expressly credited to Handcrafted Movement LLC as the design source for each and every use or reproduction. Examples of proper credit include but are not limited to: including Handcrafted Movement and the name of the house, crediting www.handcraftedmovement.com, #handcraftedmovement, etc.


The reproduction, distribution, sale, or any other transfer of the plan to any third party is prohibited, except that up to 2 copies may be made and distributed to contractors working on the construction of your tiny house. All copies made for such purpose must be destroyed at completion of construction.


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