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Creating excellent small spaces

Handcrafted Movement was born out of a desire to pursue excellence and creativity. This is about more than just creating products. This is about questioning the status quo and finding a more excellent way in all that we put our head, heart and hands to. This is about playing a part in the rebirth of American quality, ingenuity and pride in manufacturing.


created to create

Having spent over a decade in the construction industry I've had the opportunity to develop many skills while taking on different roles in the building of 1000+ new residential homes. Additionally, spending extensive time traveling and living around the world opened my eyes to different cultures, design principles and materials. I'm excited to combine those experiences with my passion for craftsmanship, the arts, and sustainability to create truly one off creations with my team of Craftsmen.

In a world of homogeneous mass production I strive to go against the grain and build 1-off creations. I'm interested in both form and function so strive to make beautiful objects that will work well in the real world for years to come. I enjoy finding ways to integrate multiple mediums in what I create such as wood, leather, glass, metal and live plants.

I'm also passionate about teaching and providing opportunities for the next generation of creative leaders in serving as Executive Director of Artisan Academy, a Non-Profit Organization.

Founder, Matt Impola